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Research on Rare and Intractable Skin Diseases
Department of Dermatology, National Cheng Kung University Hospital
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1. The pathogenesis of keloid: Keloid can be itchy or painful and can cause dramatic impacts on patients’ daily life not only cosmetically. With Pro. Ming-Jer Tang’s guidance, we investigate the pathogenesis of keloid in the aspect of biomechanics. Besides, we cooperate with Pro. John McGrath from King’s College London to build up the genetic database of keloid through next generation sequencing. We are also now focusing on establishing the animal model of keloid to manage on the treatment and prevention of keloid.
2. The combination of next generation sequencing and dermatopathology in the diagnosis of genodermatoses: Thanks to Prof. Julia Yu-Yun Lee’s, Prof. John McGrath’s and Dr. Eduardo Calonje’s guidance, I could apply dermatopathology and molecular studies on the diagnosis of skin diseases. Our research topics include hereditary epidermolysis bullosa, ichthyosis and poikiloderma etc. We dedicate to various aspects from genetic diagnosis to treatments, prenatal screening, genetic counseling and clinical trials.
Figure. A case example displaying how we utilize dermatopathology and molecular studies to diagnose a patient with hereditary epidermolysis bullosa.
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