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An Alternative Proposal of Electronic and Consumer Plastics
Department of Engineering Science, National Cheng Kung University
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With the development of economy and technology, the plastic waste is a growing problem. Also, the plastics can be used in electronic components. The toxic chemicals release through burning of electric or plastic waste, due to these wastes commonly contain toxic and halogen flame retardants. To minimize e-waste, hydrogels and cellulosic substrates were used to develop multifunctional green composite materials. Moreover, to reduce bottlenecks in e-development, seven topics are as follows: (1) development of self-healing materials to enhance the performance and lifetime of soft electronics; (2) using self-healing ability to weave and achieve 3D resistive random access memory array; (3) introducing carbon nanotubes into small dimensions of transistors; (4) fabrication high mobility graphene-based transistors without graphene-transfer processes; (5) using hydrogel and graphene quantum dots to design a new type active channel layer; (6) development of nanostructured hydrogels to enhance the sensing properties of sensors; (7) design a super-thin sensor system that can go inside diapers to inform caretakers.

Figure 1. Applications of self-healing hydrogels for different electronic devices.
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