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My nano voyage (Acceptance speech of Hou C-H Distinguished Honorable Award of THS foundation)
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【106 Ho-Chin-Tui Award】Special Issue

It is my great pleasure to know that my decades-long devotion in life science exploration and clinical translation was recognized for the Hou C-H Distinguished Honorable Award sponsored by THS Foundation. Nanomedicine is extremely cross-discipline and require orchestration of experts from distinct fields to be able to stand out in the harsh global competition. Therefore, this honor is for the entire team. The borders of disciplines are usually fertile ground for the birth of new concepts, new knowledge and art. However, it takes longer time and harder struggle to path through. One has to be open-minded to learn from unfamiliar fields in order to establish efficient dialogue and to create win-win strategies. It has been 17 years since I stepped into the office of Prof. Chen-sheng Yeh to discuss a conceptual design and application of a superparamagnetic nanoparticle in around 2000. We partner together through three consecutive National Nano Science and Technology Program Projects and have achieved significant progress. In academia excellence, Prof. Yeh is already an internationally renowned scholar and leader Taiwan nanomedicine community that attracted more than 300 members. Prof. Wu Chou Su has successfully led a Nanomedicine Excellent Center, the NCKU_CAN, nominated in the finalist of National Higher Education Sprout Project. Team members have spin out a number of companies in various developmental stages from new startup to entrepreneur with growing profits. The nano-step into Prof. Yeh's office many years ago was amplified into numerous highlighted contributions and created growing new values in academia and industrial as well as clinical translation.

"Taiwan's value" is a hot topic being raised recently. "Values" are the core conviction that people dedicate and respect, and can have broad influence and impact through sharing and internalization of ideas. It is respectful "value" that Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp. has a long-term support to the socially vulnerable group, to the basic science discovery, and environmental protection. Tung Ho Group even supported local artists and humanity activities and served a role model of Corporate social responsibility. The academia should also follow the example of this enterprise for vision and humanity as well as greater social responsibility. Finally, I would like to thank my parents to give me a childhood encouraging free imagination and creativity. I am grateful to my family and mentors who inspire me in bridging clinic and basic research. I deeply appreciate my partners and hope that nanomedicine field will become a force that lead Taiwan's upward mobility.
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