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Research Express@NCKU Mar. 16 ~ Apr. 26, 2018


Process Development for Producing Renewable Aviation Fuel
Wei-Cheng Wang

【106 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award】Special Issue
“Green Air” is now a popular task for developing an energy-sustainable and environmental friendly aviation. Drop-in alternative aviation fuel from renewable source, which reduces both the fuel consumption and engine pollutants, has been viewed as the best choice. Our research team has developed a JP-5-like aviation fuel based on the requirements of …

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Data Envelopment Analysis for Marginal Profit Maximization
Chia-Yen Lee

【106 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award】Special Issue
This study describes the production behavior. In data envelopment analysis (DEA), the input-oriented efficiency measure and output-oriented efficiency are two typical ways for technical efficiency estimation. However, it is difficult to reduce input with maintaining the same output level or increase output level without increasing input. The two …

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Boltzmann equation: old and new
Kung-Chien Wu

【106 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award】Special Issue

The Boltzmann equation is one of the most fundamental equation of the kinetic theory, the unknown function f(t,x,v), which stands for the mass density function of gas particles having position x, velocity v, and time t . It satisfies a differential equation:

The left hand side of the equation represents the particle transport …

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Enhancing immunogenicity of antigens through sustained intradermal delivery using chitosan microneedles with a patch-dissolvable design
Mei-Chin Chen

【106 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award】Special Issue
Microneedles (MNs) enable painless and efficient delivery of vaccines to the skin with the objective of targeting epidermal and dermal antigen-presenting cells (APCs) to induce an efficient immune response [1,2]. In this study, we report a patch-dissolvable embeddable MN system, composed of biodegradable chitosan MNs and a dissolvable …

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