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Most Young Scholars Grant (Columbus Program):Innovative technology research: mitigating landslide damage under extreme conditions
Department of Civil Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
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Continuous global environmental change, leading to extreme rainfall and frequent earthquakes, has played a pivotal role in recent geohazard activities, and the associated landslides and disasters would cause damages directly/indirectly. Notice that extreme events are becoming the new normal, geohazard activities will become more frequent and disruptive. Analyses of landslides under the condition of extreme events will require hybrid approaches and rely on refined information and quality data. The break points include: 1) emphasize the initiation time to landslide events and locate it precisely; 2) define Taiwan mudstone failures and promote it to be internationally recognized; 3) leverage experimental tools via innovative ideas and new applications. To expand the scope of the work, development and advancement of disaster prevention technologies will also part of the achievements. It is hoped that the work may shed new lights internationally and solve geohazard challenges faced in Taiwan.

Words of Appreciation:
I thankful to the President of NCKU, mentors, and colleagues for their kind encouragements and very generous supports. It is because of their guidance and sharing I am able to see further. Teaching benefits teachers as well as students; I appreciate all kinds of involvements and interactions with students very much, which certainly enabled me to think differently. Last but not least, I am most grateful to the reviewers, MOST, and our beautiful Taiwan for cultivating me with opportunities. I dedicate all honor to the National Cheng Kung University with my sincere gratitude and respect.
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