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The value of teaching and contribution of industry-university cooperative research for 40 years
National Cheng Kung University
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【105 Outstanding Research Award】Special Issue

In Taiwan, petroleum industry is facing huge outer threats from China and sophisticate of global industrial technology, we have to develop functional materials and products which are provided with high-value character and special grade. The development must depends on tripartite cooperation of industry, school and research unit. For many years, I am devoted to explore the industrial needs, supply and demand link of industrial technology, creation and transfer of innovational knowledge. My research group has developed many core technology and new materials which are satisfied with industrial field. We own major key techniques, such as wet-mill dispersion, new electrospinning equipment and skill, living free radical polymerization, plasma equipment and modification, fresh nickel catalyst study and preparation, one-dimensional magnetic nickel wires synthesis, and nanoparticles preparation. These techniques have applied in related fields and products preparation extensively and give assistance on industrial promotion and development. For recent years, concepts of low-carbon life and circular economy are rising, my group also pays close attention to energy and environmental materials, including catalyst preparation of hydrogenation, manufacture for converting CO/CO2 to C1~C3 alkanes, change biodegradability of benzene ring structure compounds. Furthermore, in south of Taiwan, I have set up an organization, called “Huizhiclub-a platform for industrial communication of chemical engineering about creating high-value materials” ( http://huizhiclub.che.ncku.edu.tw/ ) by integrating National Cheng Kung University, Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) and mastered scholars. The goal and propose of the club is to help industries solving difficulties and problems on techniques upgrading and development of products, learn new knowledge and understand the trend about the market and the world by holding discussion seminar on regular. The club also provides professional instruments for analysis and detection to train mastered people and create chances of industry-university cooperative research projects.
Figure 1. Core technology and application on related industry of my research group

Figure 2. Catalyst for hydrogenation

Figure 3. Manufacture of carbon cycle

Figure 4.Change biodegradability of benzene ring structure compounds
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