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Novel Hexagonal Crystal with a Hexagon Star-Shape Central Core in Poly(L-lactide) (PLLA) Induced by an Ionic Liquid
Eamor M. Woo

A hexagonal crystal with a star-shaped core, a novel crystal morphology never seen before, was found in low molecular weight poly(L-lactide) (LMw-PLLA) modified by a glycine ester based ionic liquid.

Many studies have reported that the crystalline morphology of PLLA could change upon the addition of another interacting component/diluent, for example: PLLA/poly(p-vinyl phenol) (PVPh), …

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Thermally Activated Interaction of Co Growth with ZnO (10-10) Surface
J. C. A. Huang

The use of Cobalt-supported on ZnO catalysts in the methanol synthesis and steam reformation of ethanol (SRE) is of interest.[1,2] Co adatoms at the surface of oxides have been proposed as the active species in catalytic reactions.[3] The number of active sites varies with the extent of sintering or agglomeration of the clusters during heating treatment.[4]

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Estimation of Potential Gain in Quality of Life from Early Detection of Cervical Cancer
Jung-Der Wang

Each year, about 528,000 new cases of cervical cancer are reported worldwide. In Taiwan, a screening program exists for early detection, which can reduce about 50% with incidence rate of invasive cervical cancer (ICC) and save life-years for those individuals who are affected, but the effect on quality of life still remains to be quantified.

Investigators abstracted data of 22,543 new cases of ICC …

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Synthesis of Spontaneous Speech With Syllable Contraction Using State-Based Context-Dependent Voice Transformation
Chung-Hsien Wu

Pronunciation variation plays an important role in spontaneous speech. In this research, the transformation function is adopted for the pronunciation variation modeling, and articulatory features are also considered to predict pronunciation variation. Transformation function is used to generate variation phones and to solve the problem of lacking phone models in previous work. The problem for …

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