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Research Express@NCKU Nov. 22 ~ Dec. 5, 2013


Surface adsorption of organoarsenic roxarsone and arsanilic acid on iron and aluminum oxides
Wan-Ru Chen

Aromatic organoarsenicals roxarsone (ROX) and p-arsanilic acid (ASA) are typical emerging contaminants, and usually as an additive to poultry feed in order to control coccidial intestinal parasites and improve feed efficiency. [1] ROX and ASA tend to be discharged by poultry instead of remaining in animal body. [2] Aromatic organoarsenicals can be degraded by …

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Kinetics and thermodynamics of adsorption for Cd on green manufactured nano-particles
Chen-Feng You

Magnetic nano-particles CuFe2O4 were successful manufactured from industrial sludge by combination of acid leaching, chemical exchange, and ferrite process. For the first time these recycled nano-particles were used as adsorbent to investigate the kinetics and thermodynamics for adsorption of Cd in aqueous solutions. These experimental results showed that Cd2+

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Impairment of long-term depression in the anterior cingulate cortex of mice with bone cancer pain
Kuei-Sen Hsu

Pain often accompanies cancer and has a major impact on the survival and quality of life for cancer patients. It is estimated that 75%-90% of patients with metastatic or advanced stage cancer experience significant cancer-induced pain. Although various complementary therapies, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and treatment with bisphosphonates and analgesics, have been used to treat bone …

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A Boost Converter With Capacitor Multiplier and Coupled Inductor for AC Module Applications
Tsorng-Juu Liang

The grid-connected AC module is an alternative solution in photovoltaic (PV) generation systems. It combines a PV panel and a micro-inverter connected to grid. The use of a high step-up converter is essential for the grid-connected microinverter because the input voltage is about 15 V to 40 V for a single PV panel. The proposed converter employs a Zeta converter and a coupled inductor, without …

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