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Chromophore concentrations, absorption and scattering properties of human skin in-vivo
Sheng-Hao Tseng

Near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) is commonly used to determine in-vivo tissue absorption coefficient μa and reduced scattering coefficient μs', from which tissue functional information, such as hemoglobin concentration, oxygen saturation, water concentration, and averaged scatter size and density can be deduced.[1-2]

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Enhanced spontaneous light emission by multiple surface plasmon coupling
Chuan-Pu Liu

Spontaneous emission rate in semiconductors and polymers can be enhanced by surface plasmon resonance (SPR) coupling, a collective response of electrons on the surface of a conductor. However, application is restricted due to the strongly decaying field of localized SP. In this study, photoluminescence of polyfluoren (PF) copolymers can be enhanced selectively by coupling with either localized or …

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Compulsory Dominance (Nötigungsherrschaft): Substantive Construction of the Concept of Criminal Dominance
Tze-Tien Hsu

It is widely accepted that the one who is compelled to commit a crime shall fall into the theoretical category of indirect principal offenders.  However, it is not clear and without dispute that what the degree of dominance of the dominating principal offender over the dominated offender is before the courts are able to determine the compulsory nature between the dominating principal offender and …

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A Fast Prototyping Process for Fabrication of Microfluidic Systems on Soda-Lime Glass
Gwo-Bin Lee

This paper describes a fast, low-cost but reliable process for fabrication of microfluidic systems on soda-lime glass substrates. A simplified schematic illustration of the fabrication process was shown in Fig. 1. Instead of using expensive metal or polisilicon/nitride layer as etch mask, a thin layer of AZ 4620 positive photoresist (PR) is used for buffered oxide etching (BOE) of …

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