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Effects of color display, color name, color formation and color alignment on the screen layout usability of customized product color combinations
Fong-Gong Wu*, Cheih-Ying Chen
Department of Industrial Design, College of Planning & Design, National Cheng Kung University
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With the advanced development of internet, customers will be able to select product combinations from home according to their own preferences. Designs working with different color combinations could create a wide variety of visual effects and image styles. A poorly handled color arrangement on the screen layout could lead to poor usability on the customer end. 

This research employed bicolor sofas as samples. Four factors including color display (bicolor chip display, product icon display, itemized color chip display), color name(no color name display, system color name display, traditional color name display), color formation(mixed parade formation, segregated formation), and color alignment(grid alignment, vertical alignment, horizontal alignment) were discussed. Eighteen layout designs were created using the orthogonal arrays. Each participant was required to search for colors on the 18 different layout designs and was asked to express object opinions regarding satisfaction.

From the research it was concluded that the itemized color chip display layout reduces searching time and was also the most preferred design. Colors itemized by modules reduce the color combination showing on the layout, reducing confusion caused by a large amount of color combinations, while the itemized index increases the speed of search. Therefore, the itemized color chip layout design is appropriate for customized products with a large amount of color combinations. The vertical display of color combinations also reduces searching time and increases color identification. These principles could be employed by varies customized product color selection layout designs.
Table ANOVA for subjective satisfaction

Fig. Two-factor interaction between color display and color name for mean search time
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