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Research Express@NCKU Sep. 18 ~ Sep. 24, 2009


A Comparative Study of Learning Motivation among Engineering Students in South East Asia and Beyond
Hua-Li Jian

Engineers are vital to any prospering society and the effective and adequate training of the next generation of engineers is therefore crucial. Essential to the success of engineering education is the learning motivation among the students. Learning and motivation are highly complex facets of human behavior. People do learn from their experiences, while their willingness to learn is affected by …

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The mechanisms that enable arm motion to enhance vertical jump performance—A simulation study
Kuangyou B. Cheng

Although numerous studies have reported increased height with arm swing in standing vertical jumps, contradictory results have also been reported. Knee joint torque/work was found to decrease [1][2] or increase [3] in arm swing jumps. Increase in ankle joint torque/work was substantial in most studies but insignificant in some other researches [3][4]. This inconsistency may be due to different training or proficiency levels of the subjects, …

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The Pd/TiO2/n-LTPS Thin Film Schottky Diode on Glass Substrate for Mass Market Hydrogen Sensing Applications
Yean-Kuen Fang

Recently, hydrogen in being considered as a new energy source for its abundance, however, hydrogen is also a colorless, odorless, and extremely flammable gas with a lower explosive limit of 4% in air. Hence, hydrogen sensors have been widely studied, and applied in many fields, such as space launch vehicles, industrial leak detection, and automobile fuel additives. …

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